Jaida Sterling

Letter to Pinterest

Pinterest always seemed like an app for creative people or people who were into DIYs. When I first joined Pinterest, I noticed it was also an app for people who were into fashion, makeup, and my favorite topic, hair. With Pinterest at my fingertips, I thought finding new hair color, hairstyle and haircut inspirations would be easier. Surprisingly, it’s not. As a black woman of color––I’m black and Japanese––my life has lacked representation for me and my hair. I had a rough time looking for wom

5 Habits You Should Stop Doing to Help Your Hair

Over the years, I’ve witnessed some of the people around me –– friends, family and acquaintances –– commit some serious hair no-no’s. I’ve done everything on this list for many years too, and I wish I would’ve realized how bad these habits were sooner. I’m telling you, your hair will be happier (and healthier) if you break these habits. I know, I know. Some people find it gross to not wash their hair on a daily basis because their hair gets “so greasy.” Well, it’s so greasy because you keep str

The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence...

– Roy T. Bennett

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